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About me

I`m 36 years old IT-Director from Kyiv, Ukraine. I started my software development way in 1997(my 7th grade of secondary school) by developing city chat on Perl and HTML. I`ve got masters degree on software for automated systems on applied math faculty in 2005.  After that I run a lot of own IT businesses, startups and worked on different lead IT positions managing multiple small and big teams. I have a wide range knowledge starting from Internet security and Unix  systems to M&A in IT and telecom companies. Colleagues says I`m good translator from "business-to-engineering" and from "engineering-to-business". 

Dmitriy Ashkinazi

IT-Expert, Entrepreneur

Kiev, Ukraine
Mobile, Viber:

+380 (50) 362-94-44



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Services and Expertise
Advantages running business in Ukraine
Setup an R&D office in Ukraine

I would be happy to help to setup a subsidiary for your business in Ukraine. Find good office, all-stars team, provide all legal services, contact with needed suppliers and adjust processes.


Very responsible and delicate I could oversee ongoing operations, made audit and due diligence, provide second opinion and check partners decency.

Make an IT audit or oversee a partners
Aquire interested startup or team 

I use my experience and networking to keep eye on new startups and ready to help in acquisition and finding perspective and promising teams.

Pricing and How it works

To be transparent and convenient I work for only 10% of month expenses for all services. Since you contact me, I`m preparing the road map, and after your confirmation starting work.  By your decision I can arrange all process remotely or with your personal visit and accommodation. Looking forward for our cooperation. 

Huge IT cummunity

In Ukraine over 150,000 developers engaged in more than 1000 IT companies. More than 100 tech universities and private courses graduate every year thousands of new talented developers. Famous IT conferences(including Gamedev, Marketing, E-commerce, AI, Blockchain, etc), IT gatherings and regular events, IT hubs and clusters, attracts open minded people and produces creative atmosphere in Ukraine.

Cheaper services and lower taxes

Taxes up to 10 times cheaper than in US and EU, Software engineer`s salary are up to 70% lower compare to US market.

In Ukraine there is one of cheapest internet, taxi, food and real estate in Europe, and with good quality and awesome welcome ofcourse.

European quality and service

Compliance to all best practices and modern methodologies in software development is a global trend in Ukraine. Smart approach and total understanding of business goals. Plus convenient timezone and 2-3 hours flight from Europe.

TOP world IT companies operating in Ukraine
Videos about Ukraine
Ready to...
Operate in Ukraine ?
Involve me to setup your own R&D or representative office in Ukraine.
I will do my best to find suitable workspace in good location, hire staff in short term and run entity and arrange all legal stuff. 
Acquire a startup/team ?
Are you looking for core team at once or particular technology to acquire ? Or just don`t want to waste time and run big team immediately ? Let me find it for you in huge Ukraine software development space.
Find IT supplier/partner ?
Just let me know about any technologies, communities, partnership or research needs, investment intentions, startups or services, you are interested in.
Feel free to contact me

Dmitriy Ashkinazi

IT-Expert, Entrepreneur​

Mobile, Viber:

+38 (050) 362-94-44






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